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Belayneh Loppisso, Program Director
Migration & Refugee Services

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In order to be self-sufficient, the refugee individual must be employed. There are many benefits to early employment of refugees:

  • The refugee contributes to the new society in which he/she is living and learns that he/she is a valuable member of society
  • The employer receives a reliable, dedicated, and hard-working employee
  • The burden on society is reduced because the refugee does not apply for public assistance
In order to prepare refugees for employment in the U.S., we provide:
Case Management Services
  • Orientation sessions
  • Individual and group career counseling
  • Interpretation assistance
Job Development & Placement Services
  • Pre-employment orientation
  • Resume workshops
  • Computer training and technical career preparation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Job referrals, placement, and monitoring


Free Referral Services

We consider our employment service a "community service." We are a non-profit organization. So, unlike temporary and placement agencies, we provide services free-of-charge to both the employer and the employee.

Availability of Employees

When an employer tells us about a job opening, we can usually refer good candidates to the employer within a day or two.

Save on Advertising

Have us refer employees to you and avoid high advertising costs.

Get a Tax Credit

A tax credit is available to employers hiring economically disadvantaged individuals who are having trouble finding employment. This credit may be available when hiring some of our clients.

All of our Employees are Legal

Our clients are authorized by the State Department to work in the United States. Upon arrival, they are fully documented and admitted permanently to the United States.

Positive Work Ethic

Our clients are dependable, hardworking, and eager to learn. Only .5 -1% of refugees who apply to come to the U.S. are admitted. Those who are admitted, are survivors. They are eager to work and simply desire to raise their families in a safe place.

Good Skills and Experience

Our clients' backgrounds range from agricultural to medical. Some have basic English skills while others are fluent in English.

Pre-Employment Orientation and Screening

Each client attends an extensive pre-employment orientation before being referred to a job. Subjects include: employer expectations, rules, good work habits, hygiene, manners, and courtesy in the workplace. During this orientation, a trainer and employment specialists conduct a targeted skills analysis of each client so that they he/she will be referred to an appropriate job.

Monitoring and Mediation

In our efforts to encourage job retention, we conduct 30, 60, and 90-day follow-up sessions to monitor progress. This helps employers to reduce turnover rates. Upon request, we may also provide interpreters from our agency to assist with mediation in employer/employee relations.

Programs and Services

Hurricane Florence Appeal

Donate to help those affected by Hurricane Florence

Many brothers and sisters in North Carolina, South Carolina and other states are struggling amidst the destruction caused by Hurricane Florence and its aftermath. Please consider providing financial assistance to vital efforts, on behalf of the Church, to relieve their suffering.

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Program Spotlight

Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Mother of Mercy Free Medical Clinic to provide basic medical care to an estimated 8,000 uninsured individuals in Manassas and Manassas Park.

For more information, please click the link below or contact Alexandra Luevano, (703) 335-2779 (ext. 12) or email


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