Catholic Charities Speakers' Bureau

In conjunction with the upcoming Synod on the Family, we are offering talks, workshops and discussion groups on a variety of topics aimed at strengthening families. We are happy to tailor any topic to meet the need of your group or parish.

Pope Francis:

  • Loving God & Loving the Poor
  • Church as a Field Hospital
  • Christ’s Presence in the Poor
  • “Encounter” for Transformation
Family Communication:
  • Understanding and empathy in strengthening families
  • Temperaments
  • How to manage conflict - “fighting fair”
  • How to talk so kids will listen; how to listen so kids will talk
  • Talking about family finances
  • The five love languages
  • The ABC’s of parenting a young child [“1,2,3 Magic”]
  • Peer influences and children: What to know about social media
  • Helping Your Special Needs Child at Home and at School—incl. assessments, the IEP process
  • Co-parenting--Parenting after Divorce
  • Parenting kids in the US when you were parented in a different culture/language
  • Enhancing leadership and relationship in parenting
  • Healing for birth parents
  • Mental health issues and pregnancy
  • Intro to becoming adoptive parents
  • Adoptive parent preparation
  • What is adoption? Types of adoption
  • Adopting older children
  • How adoption supports the prolife movement
  • How friends and families can be supportive
  • How local agencies can also support families who adopt
Elder Care:
  • Coping Well When Faced with the Challenges of Grief and Loss
  • How to Be Prepared for the World of Eldercare
Other Topics:
  • Helping Distressed Families
  • Helping and Learning From Immigrant Families
  • Helping and Learning from Refugee Families
  • How to self-care when helping others
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Mental Health Issues for Teens [moods, impulsivity]
  • A primer on substance abuse
  • Substance Use and the Developing Brain
  • Grief and Loss - The importance of grief work
  • Mood disorders affect families: Supporting a loved one with depression
  • How to calm down and manage BIG emotions—Trauma recovery
  • Preparing for marriage - A premarital workshop
  • Pornography and its impact on families
  • Suicide in teenagers
  • Teenage mental health
  • Social media and relationships
  • Same Sex Attraction

For more information, please contact Margot Chavez, Program Coordinator, at 703-224-1478 or

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