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Together, We're More Than Well Intended

Everyday countless numbers of well-intended and vital non-profit organizations do their very best to serve and help people in great crisis and need. This geographic region of extended “Northern Virginia” is truly blessed by these worthy institutions who are clearly dedicated to and effective in addressing hunger, housing, senior services, family and children services, and more. And, we here at Catholic Charities are deeply honored to count ourselves as partners and collaborators with many of these nonprofits.

However, as Pope Francis reminds us, Catholic Charities is not an NGO. We are the “heart of the Church” as Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop Emeritus of Arlington says, “expansiveness and confraternity and not reduction and absorption” are the characteristics of the way God’s love communicates itself and becomes fruitful. So we must be that arm of the “field hospital” which Pope Francis calls the Church. Undeterred to go out into the fray and be the healer of wounds and despair, bringing God’s merciful love.

And this is why people who support, volunteer, and work for Catholic Charities are called to move beyond “well-intended” and “stop-gap” actions that can only go so far.

Because the problems we face and embrace at CCDA are so difficult, risky and sometimes prone to discouragement we must be strong on the horizontal level of services. We must bring faith-filled professionals with creative solutions to the spiritual and materially poor. But as your Catholic Charities we must also bring the vertical, the transformative love of Christ, to those we meet. This integration of the horizontal and vertical, this cruciform movement, is the hallmark of Catholic Charities.

At Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington (CCDA) we are addressing the many, growing needs of the present with our 15 programs functioning across 21 Virginia counties and 7 cities but keeping an eye to the future and the growing needs of the disenfranchised in the communities in our Diocese.

We are figuring out how we are going to get to a place where there are fewer gaps in services to the poor and more transformative encounters to help them improve their lives.

We are guided by the social doctrine of the Church: the human dignity that comes from being a child of God; service to the common good; with solidarity and subsidiarity for all. We follow the guidance and direction of our Bishop, and our four core values of (1) Serving the poor, (2) by Transforming lives; (3) with the Resources we gather (4) in concert with our Catholic Faith. You can read about the implementation of these values on this website and experience it in the hearts and services of our staff and volunteers. We are “Walking Together in Service” to those most in need. We welcome you to join us in this holy and noble work of bringing the mercy of God to those in need in the Diocese of Arlington.

Sincerely In Christ,

Art Bennett,
President & CEO
(703) 841-3895

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